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Changing Tomorrow Today… By Investing In Kids


To invest in the lives of children’s leaders by engaging, encouraging and equipping them to run more impactful ministries that will lead children to Jesus.


Write, produce, perform and provide music resources for kids and children’s leaders to positively impact their world.

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Encourage children’s leaders by engaging them through events and one-on-one relationships to inspire them for ministry and equip them to accomplish their goals.

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Commission children’s leaders to share the tools they gain from Imprint programs to positively affect their communities.

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Growing Kids Into BIG Worshipers

REFRESH – Carlsbad

REFRESH – Carlsbad

Engage / Encourage / Equip

REFRESH – Spiritivity Escondido

REFRESH – Spiritivity Escondido

Creative Refreshing Inspiration!

REFRESH – Tennessee

REFRESH – Tennessee

Refresh in the Volunteer State!


I really felt like God was there with all of us in that room and I really appreciate your words of wisdom and your listening ears as I needed a place to share what's been happening in my life recently. You two are really great role models and your care of people, even those you just met, is truly evident. I'm grateful.

MelissaEncinitas, CA

The care and planning and preparations that go into this event speaks volumes to participants . . . making everyone feel honored and cared for and blessed.
My favorite part is the worship.

ColleenSan Diego

Thank you for making REFRESH happen. Every time I come it is a chance to sit, worship, get prayed for, have a great meal, laugh a little bit and cry a little bit. It is a great chance to see the love of Christ, people who are dedicated, who want to see something happen, who want to make a difference for the Kingdom of God. These people who are tired and beat up, and need a chance to sit back and catch their breath a little bit because God is with us every step of the way. Thank you guys for understanding that and making our lives better. Thank you!


I am still thinking back on what we talked about and learned there!
It was such a great time of worship and fellowship!
Thank you for making this so beautiful and amazing for us!

SarahLa Jolla, CA

It's so nice to be with a group of people who understand what we are going through. children's ministry is more different than any other ministries, walking away like you were heard, understood and ministered to.


Really cool for people to speak to your heart and understand what we are doing because we don't get that anywhere else.


I am amazed by how encouraging they are. This is something that you can totally get on board with! The worship time today was so encouraging for me very personally where I am at right now. I appreciate it and hope that you will come join us next time.

ValSan Marcos, CA

I love this ministry. Craig and Jill are listening to God and following where He takes them. They are blessing these Children's Pastors and anyone who gets to
come to REFRESH.It's an awesome experience to be with people who love the Lord and encourage one another!

BarbaraEncinitas, CA

We’re investing in kids                                      and their leaders…

ENGAGING, ENCOURAGING and EQUIPPING children’s leaders to journey on with joy, passion and purpose is how we are changing tomorrow today. The kids of today are the adults of tomorrow, and 85% of today’s Christians indicate they made the decision to follow Christ before the age of 14. Join us as we specifically and strategically influence those who invest in kids.