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Our Vision...

The vision of Imprint is to invest in the lives of children’s leaders by equipping them for more impactful ministries that lead children to Jesus. The way Imprint carries out this vision is through music that engages people in their relationship with Jesus, mentor through personal contact and multiply with programs, events and workshops.  All of these efforts reinforce the desire of Imprint to engage, encourage and equip children’s leaders to run more impactful ministries.

Imprint Concerts


Imprint writes, produces and performs music for kids that helps them get to know Jesus and have a positive impact on their world. This music also serves a s a resource for children’s leaders to grow, deepen and enhance their worship, their ministries and their special events.

imprint coaching


Imprint encourages and engages children’s leaders through one-on-one personal contact to inspire their hearts and minds for ministry, and to equip them with tools and strategies for running, creating and growing more impactful children’s programs. This is done relationally as well as in a more structured coaching/mentoring environment.

Imprint training


Imprint has a positive multiplying effect in children’s ministries and programs by offering events and workshops that equip and inspire, providing professional development and networking opportunities for children’s leaders. REFRESH is a “gettaway” event and a renewal time for children’s leadership. The WorshipForKids Conference inspires worship, provides practical worship leading skills and music resources. We also seek to create other retreats and events that will encourage, equip and inspire children’s leaders for more impactful ministries!