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IMPRINT is Changing Tomorrow Today

To invest in the lives of children’s leaders by engaging, encouraging and equipping them to run more impactful ministries that will lead children to Jesus.

IMPRINT Coffee Chat End of Summer 2018

Happy Thanksgiving from Jill & Kirby.

IMPRINT Coffee Chat July 2018

Great summer of Kid’s Worship and ministry. What does God say about kids and worship? You will be interested in what we found! God bless you- Craig and Jill

IMPRINT Refresh Recap

Children’s Pastors and Leaders are special people who come to the Refresh events. Here is a special moment to “Refresh” everyone! Thank you for your prayers- Craig and Jill

Jill & Kirby leading worship.

Kirby and Jill combined is Team Jirby who works together to inspire kids.  Here they are leading the WorshipForKids song called “I’m Not Ashamed.”

“Please Help Me Trust” kids worshiping.

God has given us resources to share with Children’s Pastors, leaders, teachers and families. God has blessed WorshipForKids as it has reached across America and many countries across the world.

IMPRINT Coffee Chat May 2018

May Coffee Chat

IMPRINT Coffee Chat April 2018

April Coffee Chat

IMPRINT Coffe Chat Easter 2018

He Is Risen! Have a cup of coffee with us as we all celebrate the risen Savior! Thank you for your prayers- Craig and Jill

IMPRINT Coffee Chat December 2017

Merry Christmas! God bless you and your family- Craig and Jill

IMPRINT Coffee Chat with Brian Darisay.

Meet Brian Darisay who has a special truth that he learned as a young boy, and has carried through the rest of his life. You will be inspired to be ready to share the love of Jesus with little lives that cross your path!

IMPRINT Coffee Chat with Nate Carlos.

Nate Carlos is a dynamic Children’s Worship Leader that I was able to MC with at Kid’s Games. Listen as he shares the moments that changed his life from the investment of others. He is making an impact for the Kingdom!

IMPRINT Coffee Chat with Kyle Scarcia

Here is a young man named Kyle Scarcia. I was thankful to partner with him to MC Kid’s Games. Here we are backstage for a special moment, and also a heart felt challenge to “be available!”

Good News Club After School Program

This after school program is an opportunity to teach kids the Bible, share the gospel and worship together. Good News Club is an extension of Child Evangelism Fellowship.

WorshipForKids Concert

Leading kids and families in worship through events always brings people together for a positive and fulfilling experience. This particular event was at an evening whole family VBS in Virginia Beach, VA.

WorshipForKids Music

WorshipForKids is a Kid’s Worship production studio that creates music and video content under the umbrella of IMPRINT.

WorshipForKids Music

It’s all about the passion! This little guy is a ROCK STAR!

Changing Tomorrow Today. Invest in children!

The future of the world is in the hands of our children.